Survivor Scenario

Hey Scott

Just thinking about a Survivor Series scenario and wanted your take: let’s say they do have Ambrose or another face screw Roman out of the title…will the crowd cheer?

No way Vince risks Ambrose turning heel on Roman and the crowd popping. Or can Vince not even conceive of such a scenario?

​I think Vince really does think people love Reigns unconditionally and that if he turns Ambrose heel, it would remove his last bit of competition as a babyface. It just feels like screwing Reigns out of the title now would kill him off so badly, though. Really, he’s had so many shots at the title and couldn’t get it done that at the very least he needs to win this one and hold it for a bit, and THEN you can screw him out of it. Let him hoist Ambrose on his shoulders ​like at the end of Wrestlemania IV, at the very least!