“Main event” segment on raw

Scott, will this be the lowest main event segment in the last two decades? This is what they put in the viewers minds on the last raw before a major pay per view to entice more subscriptions? Vince has to be trolling at this point.

Well the other problem is that they can’t really promise what the main event will be outside of "Roman Reigns beats some jerk to win the World title" because it’s a legit tossup between Owens and Ambrose. And since they apparently have no idea what the rest of the show is going to comprise in between the Reigns blowjobs leading up to his coronation, they had nothing else to promote in the final segment. Plus, Vince apparently just learned that women are allowed to compete in sports, so suddenly female athletics are the hot button, even though all the WWE Divas are a bunch of bitchy shrews who whine and turn on each other without explanation.

So yeah, this will probably be flaming ratings death.