The Monster Push

Hey Scott,

Was the Brock Lesnar monster push back in 2002 the biggest push you’ve ever seen? The guy debuted in March and beat The Rock cleanly at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship in August. Was the push The Giant got in WCW considered a bigger push, in your opinion?

Second part of the question being…why can’t this be done today? Why not bring in Balor or Apollo Crews and have him be the WWE champ in less than 6 months?

The biggest push ever was actually Lex Luger in 1993 as far as dollars invested went.  From a strictly storyline standpoint, Brock was pretty big for sure.  I’d say Vader in WCW initially was pretty huge as well, as he stampeded through Sting and didn’t really start doing jobs until 94. 

As for today, the problem is that they’re obsessed with keeping everyone strong, both winners and losers, so it’s impossible to create a scary force of nature like Brock Lesnar without sacrificing someone. And they’re not willing to do that. So everyone just kind of stays at the same level forever.  Except Cesaro, because fuck that guy, apparently.