WWF 37th Annual Slammy Awards

December 19th, 1987

From Caesars Atlantic City in Atlantic City, NJ

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Gene Okerlund


The show opens with the instrumentals that would be known most for the opening of “Saturday Night’s Main Event.” Howard Finkle names off all the wrestlers appearing as we see inserts of them arriving on the red carpet. They really went all out in trying to spoof award shows. Showing the wrestlers pull up in all sorts of whacky cars and wearing some truly ridiculous attire. A lot of zany 80’s goodness here.



The show starts by telling us that everyone involved, even the fans, are winners as Vince tries to act like a preacher giving this speech before introducing the hosts. They come out as Jesse tells Okerlund that he’s the host but is feeling generous and will let him be the co-host. They then engage in a funny bit as they end up referring to Jack Tunney as “Jack from ASS” as they state Tunney is from the “Academy of Sports and Sciences.”



Our first award of the night goes to the “Animal of the Year” award as George Steele beats out Damien, Frankie, and Matilda. Watching the wrestlers in the crowd with their animals is hilarious. Steele runs around the crowd before finally accepting his award. Nothing we haven’t seen before from the Animal but still enjoyable.



The Honky Tonk Man sings his song on the stage.



Now, Jimmy Hart and the Honky Tonk Man come out to introduce the “Woman of the Year” category. Honky came out after Hart gave Okerlund specific introduction instructions. This catergory included a Dolly Parton and Yoko Ono impersonators. Honky ran down the nominees as Hart laughed. Elizabeth won and went up stage to give her speech but Honky cut her off and started posing, prompting Savage to run him off. Elizabeth thanks Savage for making her the woman she is today.



Hacksaw Jim Duggan comes out to introduce the nominees for the “Best Dressed Ring Apparel. He is dressed up in jeans and his finest tuxedo t-shirt. King Harley Race wins but Duggan refused to read it off the card. Race comes up and Heenan gives a speech, wearing a sequenced bow tie on his neck brace, as Race and Duggan stare each other down in the background. Then, in an incredible moment, we see Gorilla Monsoon run across the stage to get the scoop on the fight. Never saw him move like that before. Race tries to force Duggan to bow down but Duggan pushes him off then Race shoves him behind the curtain. They are then shown brawling in the makeup area and all over backstage, where we randomly see a guy with a donkey and some chickens, one of which Race uses to beat Duggan with. Heenan attempts to fight on behalf of Race but gets shoved in a trash bin then into some boxes. Heenan was taking some crazy bumps and his selling was comical.



Jesse welcomes Vince McMahon, who will be singing “Stand Back.” The Hulkster is on guitar while others are on the trumpet and sax. Vince is insanely over-the-top here. After watching this, its not surprising to see how he got over as a heel on TV. It was truly something else.



Duggan and Race are still brawling. There is now a llama in the backstage area. They are now behind a chain-link fence, brawling with all sorts of powder and makeup covering their bodies. This brawl is ridiculous and hilarious at points.



We are back from break as Duggan is now locked up in the fenced-in area as Race and Heenan limp away. Duggan tries to climb out but is blocked by a giant wall of cardboard boxes stacked up on each other so he ends up pushing them all down as they topple over on both guys. Duggan comes out and beats on both guys, even putting a box through Heenan’s head as he sells that by stumbling all over the place.



Okerlund welcomes out Hogan for the “Real American” award. Hogan talks up this person for their values and honor despite suffering and has climbed to the mountain top. He then tells us the winner is Superstar Billy Graham. The Superstar comes up and accepts the award then puts over Hogan as an example all Americans should follow. That sure doesn’t hold up today.



We see a closed double doors with a piece of paper that reads “Christmas Party.” And we then see Race and Duggan bust through those doors with Heenan following. Inside, there are cooks and chefs setting up the buffet tables that predictably get ruined as the guys toss each other around. Race even tosses a bowl filled with red liquid at one of the guys. Duggan picks up Heenan and puts him through a cake that was on a table with an atomic drop as the fight has ruined the Christmas Party venue. Fun stuff.



Rick Rude wins the “Best Body” award then proceeds to strip down to his underwear on the steps of the stage. This is definitely an “R” rated strip tease. And because that wasn’t enough, Rude proceeds to tease talking off his underwear as he pulls that down. until Okerlund rushes out with a towel to cover him up. Rude proceeds to take his underwear off then twirls it around as Okerlund still covers him with the towel. Rude keeps hitting Okerlund off of the head with his underwear as well. Rude then hugs the girl holding the trophy from behind and nearly grinds on her before accepting the award. I’m shocked this segment made it to television.



We get a music video of all sorts of clips from the year set to Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.”



Race and Duggan have now returned to brawl on stage. Prior to that they brawled in the dressing room with the women stage dancers as some old lady saw Heenan and whacked him with a cane. The brawl lasts until Monsoon steps in front of Duggan. After that, Duggan is announced as the winner of the “Greatest Hit” award after he knocked Race down with his 2×4, which immediately started their feud.



The “Manager of the Year” award is announced as the heel managers are called on stage as Monsoon laughs and says none of the above are winners as the managers flip out. The wrestlers are also shown yelling how their manager should have won the award.



Koko B. Ware sings “Piledriver” on stage.



The “Best Personal Hygeine” award nominees are announced as Slick and the Bolsheviks are the winners. A “USA” chant breaks out as Slick tells us honesty is the best policy.



Jimmy Hart sings “Girls in Cars.” I guess Robbie Dupree was too busy for this. Anyway, the female dancers all had cardboard cars they were wearing over their clothes. However, some large beastly lady in a yellow bodysuit that had a schoolbus instead of a car kept on chasing after Hart and eventually carried him offstage at the end. This was also funny.



Savage and Elizabeth announce the winner for the “Best Vocal Performance” as Duggan wins for his “Hooooooooooo” chant. Duggan does that chant for his speech as the crowd follow suits. This chant was insanely over.



We get all the stars on the side, with the heels and faces on separate sides, as they sing “If You Only Knew.” DiBiase and Hogan almost come to blows here.



The last category is the “Song of the Year.” As Okerlund opens the envelope, Jimmy Hart steals the card containing the winner as it gets passed all over the heel side until it reaches Sika, who proceeds to tear it up and eat it, prompting Jesse to laugh and tell Okerlund to follow Sika around tomorrow morning and pick up the results as the heels all laugh way too hard at that, which in turn made me laugh.



Final Thoughts: This was tremendous fun. When the WWF doesn’t take itself seriously they really hit some comedic home runs. They spoofed all of the award shows in fine fashion. This show was a breeze to watch as well. For a fan of 80’s WWF ridiculousness, this is the show for you.


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