Where’s the bottom?


I’ve been wondering lately… where’s the bottom?

I’ve been a wrestling fan since grade school in the late 80s. I stopped watching in the mid 90s because I was in my early teenage years and just too cool for that nonsense. Austin and the Monday Night Wars brought me back in 98 and I’ve been watching ever since.

But, lately I just can’t. I stopped watching Raw over the summer. The Owens burial was the last straw for me. I still read your blog and a couple other sites to keep up with whats going on, and I’m sure I’ll catch the Rumble and probably Mania. But the product is really bad right now, with no signs of getting better in the future.

My question is, with Raw ratings dropping week after week, and probably network subs being the next thing to take a hit, is there a bottom? If so where? What has to happen before they legitimately change the way they’re doing things. Or will that ever happen? Further more, with no other real competition, is pro wrestling going to exist in North America in 5 years? 10?

Sorry to get so deep, just curi​ous

WWE can survive for a long, long time even if things bottom out. They just need to cut costs even further and fire everyone but Roman Reigns and JBL.