Wrestlemania: Stardust

OK, so here’s the roundup of rapidly crumbling Wrestlemania plans from this week’s Observer:

– Original card was Rock/HHH, Brock/Undertaker, Cena/Reigns, but Rock is now definitely out due to insurance concerns from the movie studios, and Rousey is definitely out for a million reasons, so that went out the window.

– Second card was Rollins/HHH, Brock/Undertaker, Cena/Reigns, but then Rollins blew out his knee and won’t be there either, plus they already did Brock/UT at Hell in a Cell.

– Third card now omits HHH and we’re left with either Brock/Reigns and Cena/UT, or Brock/Reigns and some mysterious other combination of opponents for Cena and Undertaker.

Either way, Reigns is getting the title at Survivor Series and defending against SOMEONE, but god what a disaster this whole thing is turning into.