In Your House III and IV

At IYH III, Diesel and Shawn won the Tag belts in a screwy finish that led to them being stripped the next night, and the Smoking Gunns winning the belts. Was this the plan all along or was this something Shawn & Diesel thought of as their influence in the Kliq with Mcmahon led to that finish?

It was the plan all along. It was a ratings ploy because they were already kind of freaking out about Nitro.

Also was Dean Douglas supposed to go over Shawn for the IC Title, if not for the Syracuse incident, and did the WWF have long term plans for Douglas as IC Champ?

​Dean was absolutely supposed to go over Shawn, but there wasn’t any long-term plans for him. Goldust was the guy they wanted for that spot, so Douglas would have been a transitional champion no matter what. ​