Heel/face alignment 1997

Hi Scott,


Currently heading towards Survivor Series 1997 and have a question regarding alignments around then.

I realise that lines were blurred back then but there are clear heels in The Nation of Domination and clear faces in, say, LOD, Shamrock and Ahmed.

DX are definitely heels but I’m imagining they become ‘cool’ with it soon.

The Hart Foundation are the group that I can’t quite work out. They’ve toned down the "we hate America" and replaced it with a specific hatred of HBK & co. They fight with The Nation here and there (heel vs heel) as a result of DX messing around.

If Bret hadn’t have left (along with the others), was there a face turn in their (immediate?) future?

What were the plans around that time?

​So yeah, the ​Harts were a very specific kind of heel in that they were only booed in the US, but cheered everywhere else in the world. Once DX took over as the main heels in September, the Harts were basically odd men out anyway. That being said, the plan was definitely Austin v. Hart at Wrestlemania before Vince got the screwjob idea in his head, so they were going to remain heels and I imagine would have been tied up with the Patriot or Slaughter or something like that to fill time before then.