Taker booking

How moronic has the Wyatt Family/BOD feud been booked? The have Taker and Kane destroy all 4 guys on a taped Raw to set up a 2-2 match?!?! So when the Wyatts lose this feud what then? Choose another random midcard face to go after and face for 3-4 straight ppvs? Has any character with a cool gimmick been booked worse than Bray since 2014. Start feud with face… Cut eerie promos… Build fan support… Lose feud… Rinse repeat

​I don’t even really know what the point of this feud is. They stole the souls and powers of Undertaker & Kane, who then return on a taped show and destroy the Wyatts 2-on-4 anyway?

2.84 million viewers, baby. ​