Rollins Rage

Hey Scott,

This is long time BoD commenter BeardMoney. I usually don’t get bent out of shape over current events, but boy am I steamed over this most recent one. I wrote this for my Twitter–@TheChrisSchmidt–but it ran too long to post. Was wondering if you might be so kind as to share it on your blog. Thanks for who you are and what you do!

I am outraged that the WWE has decided to take the World Heavyweight Championship off of Seth Rollins. Despite his injury, Rollins has been the champ for well over 200 days and has established himself as part of the WWE tradition. True there is a diverse range of challengers who may deserve equal consideration as active competitors, but removing the belt from the present champ’s waist is flagrantly a part of the extended War on Rollins and should not be tolerated by members of the WWE Universe. I call for a boycott and urge you to refrain from ordering the WWE Network or WWE Survivor Series until the championship ornamentation is restored to the true champ Seth Rollins’ belt line.

Or, better yet, subscribe to the WWE Network, but do so under the username RollinsIsStillWWEChamp. Force them to pronounce that which they would try to take from you.