Batista done?

You mentioned Batista being done with wrestling but he recently said in an interview he’d be open to a Rock match. That actually sounds like a great and feasible idea: Batista shows up to pimp Bond or GOTG 2 and calls himself the "biggest star WWE ever produced". Out walks Rock. Easiest feud ever. One match, Rock wins. Maybe Wrestlemania?

​Really, he’d be open to doing a million-dollar payoff match against the Rock at Wrestlemania? There’s a shock. Batista has been pretty open about how stupidly his return was handled by the writers and how he didn’t enjoy being back last time, so I doubt he’d return for anything but a one-time WM payoff like that. I think the Brock match would be better business for Batista, to be honest. It’s a more natural matchup and a fresh one at that, plus the Hollywood Rock and Hollywood Batista characters are a bit too similar to work well against each other.​