GLOW tape library


Is there some reason Vince hasn’t gone after the women’s wrestling tape libraries like GLOW, WOW, etc? I know even GLOW is just kind of a footnote in wrestling history but you’d think he could get it fairly cheaply and make some kind of marketable DVD out of the footage or run it on the Network or something.

​My guess would be that David McLane wants to keep control of it so he can keep reselling it to people trying make a quick buck off it, like the GLOW documentary or DVD releases himself. If he sells to WWE, it’s gone forever and he loses his dream of starting yet another women’s promotion that no one cares about. ​Plus, really, what would WWE even want with it? Footage for a "Best of Ivory" DVD set someday? A YouTube video comparing Lana to Colonel Ninotchka? I just don’t see it even being worth the time to negotiate for, honestly.