WWF Superstars of Wrestling December 12th, 1987

December 12, 1987

From the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines, IA

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and Vince McMahon

In action this week will be Rick Rude, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Ultimate Warrior, and Demolition. Plus, comments from Hulk Hogan regarding Ted DiBiase’s proposal of buying the WWF World Heavyweight Championship



Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Jim Evans & Brady Boone

The announcers talk about Demolition beating down Boone a few weeks ago. Match starts with Boone hitting Smash with a dropkick and a kneelift before getting caught with a flapjack. He tags out as Evans gets tossed into the corner. Demolition destroy Evans as we get an insert promo from Billy Jack Haynes & Ken Patera, who warn Demolition that they have their eyes on this match and better make it “fair and square.” Evans continues to get his ass kicked until Demolition puts him away with the Decapitation (2:08). After the match, they toss Boone over the top rope and hit Evans with another Decapitation. Boone runs back in and tries to fight both guys but gets beaten down. Ax grabs Fuji’s cane and attempts to hit Boone but Patera & Haynes run down to the ring and make the save.

Thoughts: This feud continues on and really its just a vehicle to put over Demolition. They clearly have the upper hand here.



Craig DeGeorge is on the interview platform with Brutus Beefcake. They show the clip of Valentine putting Beefcake in the figure four leg lock from a few weeks ago, when Jimmy Hart became Valentine’s manager again. Beefcake tells us he will take care of unfinished business and that his leg is bruised, not broken.



A plug for the Slammy Awards airs. Its on December 19th.



Mike Richards vs. “Ravishing” Rick Rude

Rude does his routine before the match as Heenan is in a neck brace, still selling the attack by Hogan from the last “Saturday Night’s Main Event.” Rude beats on Richards as Jesse puts over his physique then gets the win via submission with the backbreaker (1:43). Ventura is shown stretching an Orndorff doll by the arm, saying one arm will be smaller than the other.

Thoughts: A lot of Slammy Award talk here and judging by the commentary it is clear Rude will be feuding with all of the babyfaces that have well-defined physiques.



Gene Okerlund is with Jimmy Hart and the Hart Foundation, who say they were robbed of the Tag Team Titles. Neidhart said he never submitted to the Boston Crab and that a man of his caliber would never give up to a “little, bitty Boston Crab.” Bret tells us that they are the greatest team in wrestling and have the greatest manager, something Strike Force does not have. Good promo, especially from Neidhart.



Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Pete Sanchez

Duggan knocks down Sanchez with an elbow smash then yells “hooooooooo” as the fans are chanting right along with him. Duggan hits a clothesline as the announcers bicker over Duggan’s feud with race, even showing an insert of the “WWF Magazine” article about Duggan’s temper. I didn’t realize that was an issue. Duggan then sets up Sanchez for the Three Point Stance and the win (2:13).

Thoughts: Duggan was over huge with the crowds, who always play along with his act.



Okerlund is with Randy Savage, who talks about the Honky Tonk Man. Savage promises to strip the belt away from him, even stripping him naked in the middle of the ring, so the crowd can laugh at him. Savage also tells Honky he will be his “shadow,” constantly around him. Savage was great here.



We get an ad from some guy representing Caesars in Atlantic City who tells us that people are lining up around the block to see the “Slammy Awards.” I bet.



Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Scott Casey

Casey almost puts Valentine away with a crossbody as the announcers are not sure if that would have been an upset win because Casey is a “premiere performer.” Casey fires away but gets caught with an elbow smash as Valentine goes to work. He his a shoulderbreaker as the crowd is restless because this match is shockingly awful. Its wrestled in slow-motion and very sloppy. Casey tries to fight back but misses a high knee in the corner and Valentine puts him in the figure four and gets the win shortly after that (3:35). After the match, Valentine keeps the hold on as Hart jumps around the ring.

Thoughts: Valentine is getting a solid singles push again and they are putting over the figure four as a deadly finisher. I mean, he beat Scott Casey and he is no slouch you know.



WWF Update with Craig DeGeorge. This week’s topic is how Ted DiBiase claimed he would buy the WWF Championship. We get a clip of DeGeorge trying to get an interview with Hogan, who will be addressing the situation next week. Hogan comes out of the locker room and tells DeGeorge he will have the answer next week. DeGeorge then nervously blurts out if DiBiase approached him to buy the belt as Hogan tells him he did and even approached all of his family, telling them he was offering “seven figures.” Hogan said he was feeling pressured and leaves as DeGeorge says he might have sold out, prompting Hogan to return and say he will announce his decision next week. Good segment to create conflict over Hogan’s decision regarding DiBiase’s offer. And I thought DeGeorge did a fine job in particular, especially when he acted nervous before flat-out asking Hogan if he would take the money. The more I see of him, the more I appreciate him as an interviewer.



One Man Gang w/ Slick vs. Sonny Rogers

Gang beats down Rogers to start as Jesse thinks Hogan will sell out. Gang continues to destroy Rogers as Bruno tells Jesse that he does not understand the pressures of being the champion as Gang gets the win with a front suplex (1:18).

Thoughts: The announcers just talked about the Hogan segment as Gang quickly squashed the jobber.



We get clips from all of the managers, who say that it is not fair for DiBiase to buy the WWF World Heavyweight Title.



Ultimate Warrior vs. Dusty Wolfe

The crowd is into the Warrior, who is posing on the middle rope. Match starts with Warrior beating on Wolfe as Jesse takes offense to Warrior being included in the “best Body” category for the Slammy Awards. Warrior then puts away Wolfe with a gorilla press slam, beating his own chest before getting the win (1:18).

Thoughts: The Warrior was starting to settle into the act that made him insanely popular: He wore neon tights for the first time and did the chest pounding and running entrance as well. You could tell he was going to get over strictly due to his look alone.



Jim Parks & Jerry Allen vs. The Islanders w/ Bobby Heenan

Allen takes Tama down with a hiptoss but gets knocked down shortly after that. Parks tags and is unsuccessful as Haku is now in the ring. He softens up Parks before tagging Tama, who gets the win with a top rope splash (1:29).

Thoughts: Solid win for the Islanders, who are now without a feud. For now, anyway.



Okerlund is with Savage, who cuts another promo on the Honky Tonk Man regarding their match at the Boston Garden tonight. Savage tells Honky he will get him for pushing down Elizabeth.



In action next week will be Ted DiBiase, Randy Savage, and Jake Roberts. Plus, Hulk Hogan’s answer regarding DiBiase’s offer and clips of the Danny Davis vs. “Young” Sam Houston match.



Final Thoughts: They did a great job setting up next week’s show, creating a lot of suspense regarding Hogan’s decision. Besides that a lot of Slammy Award plugs and they pushed the other top feuds in the company well. All in all, a good show.



Here is my schedule for the rest of the week:

Sunday @ 830pm EST: WWF Wrestling Challenge 12/13/87

Tuesday @ 900pm EST: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 12/19/87

Thursday @ noon EST: Shoot Interview TBD

Friday @ 3pm EST: WWF 1987 Slammy Awards


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