Russo 1999-2000

Which Russo era in WCW did you think was worse. The Powers that Be storyline of 1999 that led to NWO 2000 or the New Blood/Millionaires Club feud which was when Russo and Bischoff returned together.

Also do you think the NWO 2000 stable would have worked if Bret Hart hadn’t gotten injured by Goldberg?

​The whole Powers That Be thing was an interesting thought experiment from a creative standpoint, but a total disaster on screen. If Russo had any kind of editorial force reining him in a bit on that one, it might have worked, because there was some clever stuff and interesting naval-gaving meta humor, years before WWE turned constantly being up their own ass into a steady business model. ​The Millionaires Club was just "FACTIONZ ARE EXTREEM!" bullshit because they were out of ideas and time.

And nWo 2000 was doomed to fail, just like any other rehashed idea where you stick "2000" on the end of it and expect something awesome.