Heels not getting heat anymore..

Hey Scott,

How are we supposed to get invested into Roman being the top baby face when the HEEL CHAMPION is outnumbered 2 to 1 during a match? I thought Seth was suppose to be the obstacle going into their match at Survivor Series, not the other way around. What happened to heel heat in WWE?

Well, see, they don’t want to offend any youngsters at ringside who might go crying to HHH or sue them for being too scary.

And I give up trying to figure out what they’re doing with Seth Rollins. After six months of booking him like Honky Tonk Man they’re suddenly going to protect him headed into Survivor Series? Meanwhile, RAW hits another record low every Monday and they’re still not making the connection. I mean, I love Seth and he’s a great wrestler, but at a certain point they have to correlate his shitty title reign with the mass exodus of viewers. I don’t blame him in any way, but it was past time to get that belt off him three months ago.