WWE Post Vince

Hi Scott,

Barring some act of Krishna, it’s a given that Triple H will be running WWE when Vince retires/dies/whatever. Given that, what changes do you see the product going through? Anything new in terms of presentation, roster, developmental? Would love to hear your thoughts!

​Aside from Kevin Dunn getting pink-slipped, there’s probably not going to be much change. HHH is already entrenched in power and has been for years, and it hasn’t exactly changed the product for the better. There’s just too many corporate hands in the pot and inertia is a hell of a thing to overcome. At the very least I hope some of the dumb-Vinceisms will go away, but there’s a reason why Vince is prepping HHH to be his successor, and it’s not "HHH is a radical departure from Vince’s philosophy." ​