1994 Questions

Questions about Slamboree 94!

What was supposed to happen with Slamboree 1994 when Rick Rude was to defend the WCW International Title vs Vader?

He was supposed to win and turn babyface.

Rude got injured in Japan a couple of weeks before and Sting took his place and won the title.  But what happens if it is Rude vs Vader?  Would they have still done the unification match with Flair at the next clash as they did with Sting?

The one thing didn’t necessarily follow from the other.  If I recall correctly, the unification match was very last minute to get the belt on Hogan. Originally they were gonna stretch that aspect out longer and then they were just like “fuck it, lets unify the belts.”.  It just happened that Sting was the guy with the title at that point. 

How would that have led to Sherri joining up with Flair?

Again, that whole thing was last minute.  There had been all kinds of wacky ideas leading up to the Flair match.  

Also why didn’t they go with the Flair-Steamboat rematch on PPV instead of doing it on WCW SN, instead of Flair vs Col. Parker’s Mystery Man  turned out to be Barry Windham.  Was Windham supposed to be a part of the Stud Stable or was that just set to be a 1 shot deal?

The Steamboat match was designed to pop a rating for WCWSN, which it did.  I think Windham was supposed to be a part of the stable but he just SO did not give a shit at that point and left again right away. 

One Final question, was the Zbyszko-Regal program always supposed to be a short term feud?  I thought Regal and Larry could have had a longer feud instead of Regal vs Inoki at the clash in August.

I thought it was fine. Larry is best in very small doses.