Questions about Survivor Series 93

Some questions about SS 93

There were several changes leading into Survivor Series 1993.

In the Main Event, Tatanka and Pierre were injured in storyline and were replaced by The Undertaker and Crush respectively. But where they injured in real life, or just for the storyline to get those other guys in the match?

​Just storyline reasons to beef up the star power. ​

Also Mr. Perfect was supposed to be on Razor Ramon’s Team, but was replaced by Macho Man Randy Savage. What happened to Perfect, and were there plans for him going into 1994 if he hadn’t left?

​According to the Observer at the time, he got an offer from WCW and was upset about getting passed over for the IC title, so he left. And then he apparently decided that sitting at home collecting insurance was an even better idea. ​

Lastly, Jerry "The King" Lawler had been arrested for rape, but was eventually cleared, so Shawn Michaels took his place. Was the angle for Bret and Owen that happened in the match with Shawn, going to take place if Lawler had been in the match as well? Or did they change direction once Lawler was out.

​The angle would have been the same either way, and the match probably would have played out exactly the same, too. ​

Also does anyone know why the 4 doinks were MOM and the Bushwhackers? Had Matt Bourne who was original Doink left the WWF at this time? Was that the reason, or did the WWF just think it would be funny.

​A little of both. Bourne was gone by that point anyway and it’s the kind of thing that amuses Vince. ​