NXT Midcard Title

Hi Scott,

I was curious about your thoughts about creating a midcard title for NXT, perhaps something like a Television Title. I know that NXT is humming along pretty well right now, but it might help in some respects.

What got me thinking about this is seeing Apollo Crews debut less than three months ago and getting a shot at the NXT Championship — not to say he’s not deserving, just that it’s really fast and it doesn’t look like he’s going to win just yet. You’ve also got guys who aren’t in the title hunt and aren’t in a tag team just floating out there.

There’s only one single’s title for male wrestlers to fight over, so this would give many of the guys a rung below something to set their sights on and lets more developmental talents get experience.

Of course, the most important reason: You’d likely hold a tournament to crown the first champ.


​I just don’t see it. Guys rotate in and out too quickly to maintain a secondary title, and they don’t need to start differentiating between NXT main eventers and midcarders like WWE does. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. ​