Scott, when did you fall in love with wrestling ?

How old were you, what was the angle, what drew you to wrestling ?

For me I was 5 and my friend introduced me to the WWF, it was 1988 and the year build up to Macho Man Vs. Hogan at Wrestlemania V was in full swing. Watching the 2 coolest wrestlers fight over Miss Elizabeth and Macho Man go full psychopath jealous whack-job while Hogan perfectly played the white knight role was a comic book coming to life.

​I’ve told this story many times before, but my dad used to watch Stampede and Al Tomko’s All Star Wrestling when I was a kid, but I never paid particular attention to it. However, my mom rented Wrestlemania 2 for my 12th birthday party and I was intrigued enough to keep watching the syndicated show. A couple of weeks later Paul Orndorff turned on Hulk Hogan and boom, I was hooked. Then Randy Savage crushed Ricky Steamboat’s throat with the ringbell and Piper smashed up the Flower Shop with a baseball bat and I never looked back. ​