Blaming Bischoff

Hey Scott,

It seems like everyone is blaming Vince for how horrendous the product is right now, but do you think a lot of the blame should actually go to Eric Bischoff?

By that I mean the ideas and concepts he established in the mid to late 90s have become the standard in wrestling? The same ideas and concepts that are deteriorating the business? He started the idea of the 2 hour live show, Vince followed. The monthly PPV, Vince followed. The second weekly episodic show on Thursday, again Vince followed. The evil authority figure he started in late 96, Vince followed.

These have all become the standard format and completely beaten into the ground. If only there was a guy that would marry into the McMahon family and run a promotion that uses none of the antiquated Eric Bischoff ideas from nearly 20 years ago. It’d only be an hour a week, with special events every couple of months, and no evil authority figure. I bet that promotion would be critically acclaimed.

P.S. How long would it take millions of people to stop watching "The Walking Dead" if it had a new 3 hour show every Monday night and a new 2 hour show every Thursday night….Every week…52 weeks a year? Just a hypothetical question, not related to wrestling at all.

​It’s true, Vince is literally blameless here. Why must everyone continually pick on him instead of the real enemy, Eric Bischoff? It’s pretty sickening, actually. ​