WWF Superstars of Wrestling December 5th, 1987

December 5, 1987

From the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines, IA

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and Vince McMahon

In action this week will be Strike Force, Ted DiBiase, Bam Bam Bigelow, Greg Valentine, and the British Bulldogs. Plus, a major announcement form Superstar Billy Graham.

We are shown clips of the King Kong Bundy vs. Hulk Hogan match from “Saturday Night’s Main Event,” specifically Andre the Giant’s interference on behalf of Bundy.



Strike Force vs. The Conquistadors

Finkle tells us the Conquistadors are from “somewhere in Latin America.”  Match starts with Martel in the ring with the advantage as Jesse believes the Conquistadors might be out for revenge due to “Chico” possibly selling them bad tacos. Strike Force clears the Conquistadors from the ring with dropkicks after an insert promo from the Hart Foundation, stating they will regain the Tag Team Titles. Back in the ring, Martel dodges an attack from the Conquistadors, who pull the ol’ switcheroo on the outside as they are now attacking Martel in the corner. Martel dodges an attack then tags out as Tito runs wild. Martel tags back in and gets the win with the Boston Crab (3:28).

Thoughts: Jesse was pretty funny here but nothing more than a standard squash match.



Craig DeGeorge is on the interview platform with Jimmy Hart and Greg Valentine, who both talk about Brutus Beefcake and how they want his clippers banned from wresting. Valentine then refers to himself as the master of the figure-four leg lock and how he took Beefcake under his wing and will now rid him from wrestling, promising to break his leg. And they are back to these two feuding again. I’ll take it as long as it doesn’t involve Dino Bravo.



“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Omar Atlas

Atlas eludes DiBiase, who is shown in an insert promo telling us he will buy the WWF World Heavyweight Title, just like he bought himself on the cover of the “WWF Magazine.” Atlas gets a nearfall with a rollup but DiBiase goes right on the attack. He stomps Atlas in the corner as Vince lets us know DeGeorge is talking with WWF President Jack Tunney about DiBiase’s attempt to buy the title. Back to the match as DiBiase hits a clothesline then gets the win with a back elbow drop from the middle rope (2:11).

Thoughts: DiBiase’s megapush is in full effect at the moment. I approve.



We are now shown the “Stand Back” music video.



Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Oliver Humperdink vs. Dave Wagner

Bigelow comes out to some 80’s saxophone instrumentals. Match starts with Bigelow overpowering his opponent. He hits a dropkick and a suplex then a fist drop. Bigelow hits a clothesline then sets him up for the slingshot splash and the win (1:22).

Thoughts: A quick win for the popular newcomer.



Gene Okerlund is with Jake Roberts, who will be facing Sika at the Boston Garden. Roberts tells us when you deal with a “nasty animal” like Sika, you just have to make a bigger trap. He leaves while Jim Duggan comes in and makes a reference to what he did with Jake last time in Boston before telling us that he will be keeping one eye on his 2×4 and the other on King Harley Race. It ends with Duggan telling Race that he will beat him up.



We get interviews from Danny Davis and Sam Houston hyping up their rematch on TV.



Dino Bravo w/ Frenchy Martin vs. Sivi Afi

Afi catches Bravo with a hip toss and a slam. Headbutt gets two. Bravo catches Afi with a clothesline then hits a slam. He drops an elbow then hammers away for a bit until getting the win with a back suplex (1:46).

Thoughts: Even worse than the New Dream Team is a Dino Bravo singles push. And with Frenchy Martin as his manager to boot. At least they are both equally shitty at their jobs.



WWF Update with Craig DeGeorge. This week’s topic is Ted DiBiase and his attempt to buy the WWF Title from Hulk Hogan. DeGeorge is then showing interviewing Jack Tunney, who says he is looking into the “bylaws” regarding DiBiase’s comments as he is unsure whether or not Hulk Hogan has heard about the offer.



An ad for the “Slammy Awards” is shown.



British Bulldogs vs. Steve Lombardi & Barry Horowitz

Jesse makes an acquisition that Tunney has been bought by DiBiase, pointing out his new suit and how he rolled up to the arena in a new Ford Fiesta today. We get a closeup of Matilda as the Bulldogs beat on Horowitz. Dynamite gets caught in the wrong corner as Lombardi and Horowitz uses quick tags to cut off the ring. Dynamite escapes and makes the tag as Davey overpowers Horowitz until hitting a running powerslam. Lombardi tries to break up the pin but accidentally hits his partner then Dynamite hits Horowitz with a super back suplex for the win (3:50).

Thoughts: The Bulldogs looked impressive here in destroying their opponents.



We now get the major announcement about Superstar Billy Graham. First, we are shown clips from his career and most recent comeback as its narrated by Okerlund. At the end, Okerlund asks how much more punishment can he endure? So he is basically retired but not officially at this point.



Outback Jack vs. “The Natural” Butch Reed w/ Slick

Reed attacks Jack to start as he was distracted by Slick. Jack fights back but Reed take him down with a neckbreaker then we see Don Muraco in an insert promo promising to get revenge on Reed. Jack comes back with a shitty looking clothesline but ends up getting sent into the corner then Reed puts him away with a flying clothesline from the top rope (2:05).

Thoughts: Reed got a decisive win over Jack, who is just a TV jobber at this point. What a waste of time it was trying to get him over.



DeGeorge is with Jimmy Hart, who will be hanging above the ring in a cage as the Honky Tonk Man faces Randy Savage in Boston. DeGeorge teases Hart by telling him Sensational Sherri will be in Honky’s corner, prompting Hart to call him an idiot and say it is “Peggy Sue.” Honky comes out and brings out Peggy Sue, who will do anything for the Honky Tonk Man. DeGeorge points out how she sounds like Sherri as Honky gets pissed off then tells us they sold out the Garden last time and everyone saw what he did to Savage.



Next week in action will be Rick Rude, Jim Duggan, Ultimate Warrior, and Demolition. Plus, more on the World Heavyweight Title situation.



Final Thoughts: They are really pushing the DiBiase angle but other than that nothing of note took place. The WWF would push this angle heavily on TV for the rest of the year and into the beginning of 1988, where it would set up the WrestleMania IV card.