The Streets Ahead Friday Night Thread – Halloween Eve Edition

If you’re going to a Halloween party at the local community college, don’t eat the food. You may turn into a zombie. Although, it may not make a difference to some of the posters here…

We’ve got Game 3 of the World Series tonight, the Royals visit Flushing and lose the designated hitter. Will this be a horror story for the Mets? Or can they start the beginning of an “Amazin'” comeback? Billy Joel sings the National Anthem to kick things off.

For the Canadians, Montreal takes on Calgary in the NHL. How ’bout it, eh?

Tomorrow night, look for the all-new banner for the BoD Streets Ahead Saturday Night Main Event thread, which will be posted at 6:05 p.m. Eastern! Bobby also put together a Halloween Havoc compilation, which will be the 8 p.m. live watch.