Reigns/Rock 2

Following up on that last Reigns/Rock post, Reigns always was the logical one to go to for the heel turn. He had the Batista in Evolution vibe and can play the cool big man who backs up whiny Authority guy (who was then Orton). Now rumors are Ambrose goes heel to screw Reigns over more which makes NO SENSE! If Roman goes heel and becomes corporate champ, he can even go against Rock at Wrestlemania, leaving Triple H to face a now face Seth Rollins. If Ambrose goes heel there is no positive outcome. He loses another feud and gets lost even deeper in Midcard hell.

​Well there’s no point in getting mad about the Ambrose thing yet because it hasn’t happened, and honestly they’re so thin on babyfaces that he’ll likely get pushed just because of the two sweetest words in the English language: De-fault. But yes, Reigns turning heel really does open up a shocking number of options on top, including the rematch of Reigns/Brock they seemingly want to do, but this time it would be a fresh matchup because the alignment would be reversed.

Heel, Big Dog, heel! ​