Havoc 93

I just watched the Texas Death Match main event for the first time and have two questions:

1. Cactus pins the champ TWICE before being pinned. Shouldn’t he have some claim to being #1 contender, or did they just move on to Sid?

2. That place is very empty, but WCW production crew covers well with darkening sections and light flares throughout the match. Has there been another event you can remember where the crew has had to help so much?

​Man, Havoc 93. There’s a good one for one of the blog’s live thread watches, especially that main event.

1. Cactus Jack was just a guy, and they just moved onto Sid. Basically they wanted someone to have a crazy match with Vader, and Jack was the one crazy enough to do it. It’s such a great match, though!

2. WWF got really good at doing that as well during the 90s, especially when they’re running these rinky-dink 2000 seat arenas for RAW and making it look halfway-decent for TV by moving everyone over and such. ​