Wednesday Night Open Thread

WWE Network has NXT and Destination America has TNA and ROH (right? Those are both still on the air, correct?) for wrestling night in America, while the Mets try and come back from a tough loss last night against the Royals in game 2 of the World Series. Because I have to work tonight, I have to DVR Arrow, but whatever.

WWE 2K16 review, part II – Spent the morning on the career Hall of Fame mode, building up the stats for WWE Extant. Got through a tough feud with Tyler Breeze and now it looks like I’m going into a program with Kevin Owens. After about three hours of the career mode, I’m ranked fourth in NXT, although I can’t seem to beat Hideo Itami. Gotta keep working those stats.

While I generally like the game (issues with the Steve Austin story mode aside), one thing has been bugging me this morning. Renee Young does backstage NXT interviews with your created superstar, and the rendering of Renee is TERRIBLE! She looks like someone took a render from a PS1 game and threw it in a game in 2015. I know she’s joked about it on Twitter, but damn, I’d be annoyed.

Anyone else enjoying the game?