Reigns and The Rock

Hi Scott,

Comparisons have been made before, but couldn’t WWE do with Reigns what they did with Rock?

I think Roman’s doing a lot better now than when he was going to be the chosen one and there’s nothing we can do about it (?!) but after a couple of feuds under his belt, he seems more equipped. But I think he’s still got that stink of them not pulling the trigger on him back at Mania.

Would it not freshen him up (a la Rock) if they had him be The Authority’s guy? Except unlike Rollins, they actually back him up (again, a la Rock). Then after a decent heel run, he NATURALLY becomes popular and then BOOM you’ve (possibly) got your next made man and the fans feel like they made it happen?

They’ll never turn Cena, but it’s early enough for Reigns to go between the alignments.


​Abso-smurfly. They could do a double-turn at Survivor Series and have the Authority screw Rollins in favor of Reigns, which is exactly what a lot of people have been thinking would happen ever since Money in the Bank. Then you KNOW that there would be no chance of them booking their corporate champion as a wuss like Rollins, and the corporate sellout character would work on both levels. Bring back Daniel Bryan as his foil and people will boo Reigns out of the building, but he’ll be a big star. And you’ll have months of programs with babyface Rollins, Dean Ambrose, John Cena, Randy Orton and then probably Brock Lesnar again. There’s seriously two years of PPV main events they can squeeze out of heel Roman, and they’re all fresh matches! That’s what they should be concentrating on, making him a money-drawing star whether it’s a babyface or heel. Get him over and THEN worry about making people cheer for him. ​