Bulldogs in 88


Right before the incident between Dynamite and Jaques Rougeau which led to the Bulldogs giving notice to leave, they were being pushed in a feud with Demolition for the tag titles.

In squash matches that fall, they are put over strong during commentary as Demolitions toughest test to date.

Had they stayed, was there a chance they may have unseated Demolition for the belts? Even if only a transitional reign?

By the time the program got going the Bulldogs were jobbing out to the Demos prior to Survivor Series 88.

Oh no way, man. By that time Davey and Dynamite HATED each other and wanted out. When they got to Stampede they couldn’t even be talked into sticking it out as a team. They were just building them up that way to give the Demos a big name to beat.