BoD Daily Update

Ronda Rousey Interview

Fox Sports posted an article yesterday quoting Ronda Rousey as saying she wants to someday retire from MMA and become the greatest female athlete ever, including winning the Diva’s Title.

“What I would love to do, I got an Olympic medal, I would want to retire from MMA as one of the greatest of all time, I would love to have the chance to be the boxing world champion, and I would love to have the chance to be a jiu-jitsu world champion. I’d love to have the chance to be the Divas world champion and just be the best of everything at one point.”

WWE Diva’s Champion Charlotte responded.

As did WWE COO Triple H.


Possible Injury at tapings

Reports of an odd ending to a Rusev-Neville match last night have led some people to believe that Rusev suffered a shoulder injury mid-match. Of course, Rusev reportedly pitched a fit after the decision was announced, so it may all be part of an angle…

WWE Quietly Adds Raws To Network

A report from Wrestling DVD Network says that the WWE Network added two episodes of Raw from 2004. The Feb. 9 and Feb. 16 episodes heavily feature Chris Benoit’s road to WrestleMania XX. The website notes that the updates weren’t picked up by its automated updates page.

WWE 2K16 Reviews 

While Metacritic does not have any professional reviews for the new WWE game that was released yesterday, the game currently has an 8.2 score from user reviews. As of this morning, there were 41 reviews, with 35 positive and 6 negative.