Ambrose Heel Turn

Hi Scott,

Let’s say at Survivor Series Reigns wins the title with Ambrose then turning on him. Do you think that during the feud that they will be having the crowd could actually get behind Ambrose more, so WWE shoots itself in the foot yet again, while trying to get Reigns over as the dominant force in WWE? It could just be wishfull thinking on my part, but I really believe the crowd would be more willing to back Ambrose instead of Reigns, which would be counter productive with what WWE wants to achieve.

​To be honest, I think that scenario is fine. The worry is that Ambrose is going to turn on Reigns and COST him the title. I’ve been saying that they should just pull the trigger on Reigns at this point and see what happens, and if they have to beat Ambrose a few times and sacrifice him, then so be it. If they put the belt on Reigns and Ambrose gets so over that they have two potential top babyfaces, then that’s a good problem to have anyway. The issue would be Reigns getting screwed out of the title and then losing all his momentum again in a side-feud with Ambrose for three months. That’s the kind of thing that killed him off in the first place. ​