TNT – Tuesday Night Thread

I can’t believe I didn’t see that before. Definitely not Streets Ahead. I’ll try harder. The World Series starts tonight and I am thankfully NOT at work. Not because I want to watch the game, but because everyone in my office goes crazy-go-nuts for the Mets and it’s even harder than usual to get work done.

Preliminary thoughts on WWE2k16 – Action is fluid and the roster is great. The graphics are about par for the course with WWE games. The always improve so incrementally that it never seems like much of a graphical upgrade, although some of the faces look much more realistic.

That 120 characters promised with the game? A good chunk of them are unlockables through the Showcase mode, which begins with the Steve Austin WWF/E story, offering up a number of repeat matches from past WWE games. Why they felt the need to include WM14 when they didn’t have the rights to Mike Tyson is BEYOND me. There was a vaguely Tyson-looking dude outside the ring referred to as the Enforcer. That ain’t no Arn Anderson. And why isn’t HE in the game?

I’m enjoying it so far, but I feel like Showcase mode is a slog just to get a bunch of Attitude Era unlockables. I just REALLY NEEDED to play as Savio Vega, I guess… At least Rick Rude, Lex Lugar, Sting and Sami Zayn came playable off the installation…

More tomorrow as I continue to delve into the game. Until then, {insert Tuesday Night Titans reference here}