Rock Star Gary reflects on…WCCW Christmas Star Wars ’85!

Live from Dallas, TX

Airdate: December 25, 1985

Attendance:  7,840

Hosted by Bill Mercer

Unlike their regular TV tapings at the Sportatorium, this event was held at Reunion Arena which used to host games for both the Mavericks and Stars.  While the Sportatorium was demolished in 2003, Reunion Arena’s demolition occurred in 2009.

Ring announcer Ralph Pulley sang “God Bless America.” Very nice rendition.

Other matches from this show that will not be included due to not being televised:

  1. Johnny Mantell (booker Ken Mantell’s brother) pinned Tommy Montana.
  2. Tatsumi Fujinami defeated Bob Sweetan
  3. Antonio Inoki successfully defended his IWGP title by defeating “Dr. Death” Steve Williams.
  4. Bruiser Brody beat One Man Gang in a “chain” match.

Match 5: The Missing Link versus the “Heartthrob of New Jersey” Jack Victory


  • To retaliate against Victory’s right hands, Link rammed Victory’s head into the top turnbuckle. He then celebrated by doing the same with his own head. Was there truly any question about Dewey Robertson’s drug use?
  • Victory stepped out to the apron. Link nailed him sending Victory to the concrete floor.
  • Upon re-entry to the ring, Victory received a head butt to his head and then to his back.
  • Cross-corner whip by Victory was followed by a shoulder block.
  • A second cross-corner whip by Victory resulted in another Link head butt.
  • Diving head butt to the midsection by Link was followed by yet another head butt sending Victory out to the concrete floor again.
  • To prove his unpredictability, Link grabbed Mercer’s monitor but ultimately released it upon Mercer’s pleading.
  • After a powerslam, the Link mounted the second turnbuckle and hit a splash.
  • 1-2-3.

Rating: *1/2

Summary: The Missing Link was WCCW’s version of George “The Animal” Steele although I don’t believe Link had the same teaching credentials.

After the match, Percy Pringle III and “Ravishing” Rick Rude come to the ring. They applaud Link’s victory in an effort to lure him back into Pringle’s stable. As Link appears to be confused on what to do, Rude nails him with a steel chair. Finally, Sunshine comes to Link’s aid and sprays mace in Rude’s face. Pringle wrestles the mace away from her, but Link rescues her before Pringle can mace her.

Match 6: The Fabulous Freebirds versus Mark Youngblood and David Peterson


  • Gordy and Roberts represented the Freebirds in this match.
  • Roberts hooked a full nelson on Youngblood, but the latter escaped and gave Roberts a mule kick.
  • Gordy reversed an Irish whip and delivered a back elbow.
  • He then missed a knee drop.
  • Peterson tagged in and splashed Gordy’s right leg.
  • Youngblood tagged back in and delivered a leg drop.
  • Snap suplex by Gordy kept the Freebirds in control.
  • After a couple of tags, Gordy hit a forearm smash on Youngblood.
  • Youngblood tried to come back with a series of chops to Roberts but came up empty.
  • Roberts delivered a bulldog to Youngblood then mounted the second turnbuckle.
  • After hitting an elbow drop, the Freebirds made Youngblood taste a double kick.
  • Gordy attempted a bulldog on Youngblood but was pushed away.
  • Hot tag Peterson.
  • After Peterson attacked both Freebirds, he ate a double clothesline.
  • With Gordy on the second turnbuckle, Roberts suplexed Peterson onto Gordy’s shoulders.
  • Gordy then delivered a super powerslam for the pin.

Rating: **

Summary: Extended squash for the Freebirds that wasn’t terrible.

Match 7 for the NWA American tag team titles: The Dynamic Duo (champions) versus Kerry & Kevin Von Erich


  • Two-plus months after they lost the hair match, the Dynamic Duo’s hair has grown back quite well. They must be eating right.
  • Mercer referred to the Von Erichs as the “Cosmic Cowboys.”
  • Kerry actually wrestled bare foot for this match.
  • After Kerry missed a right hand, Adams gave him a superkick sending him over the top rope to the concrete floor.
  • Upon his re-entry, Kerry delivered a discus punch that sent Adams over the top rope to the concrete floor.
  • After giving Adams a cross-corner whip, a clothesline earned Kerry a 2 count.
  • Mercer provided a health update on Mike Von Erich that was very positive.
  • Back drop by Kerry was followed by a pair of arm drags.
  • In one swift move, Kevin leaped from the apron to the top rope, leaped again, and put an elbow in Adams’ back. Battle Kat would be proud.
  • A standing dropkick by Kevin preceded a shot to Hernandez in the corner.
  • Seated bodyscissors by Kevin to Adams until Hernandez tagged in.
  • Upon putting Hernandez down with a snap mare, Kerry mounted the second turnbuckle and dropped an elbow for only 2 thanks to a save by Adams.
  • Hernandez hooked a sleeper, but Kerry escaped and hit a shoulder block.
  • Kerry tried to bounce off the ropes but got nailed in the back by Adams.
  • When Kerry returned to the heel corner, he nailed Adams.
  • Upon receiving a boot by Adams, Kerry fell out of the ring to regroup.
  • Back in the ring, Kerry leaped over Adams and applied the Iron claw.
  • When Hernandez tried to attack, Kevin came in and applied the Iron claw to him.
  • Kerry then applied a sleeper to Hernandez, but Adams mounted the top turnbuckle.
  • Adams mistakenly fell, but I suspect Kevin had something to do with it in the opposite corner.
  • After Hernandez escaped, a double shoulder block put both men down.
  • Hernandez tried to slam Kerry, but Kerry’s momentum took Hernandez down for a 2 count.
  • After giving Hernandez a cross-corner whip, Kerry missed a high knee on his follow-through.
  • Hernandez then hooked the figure-four leg lock.
  • After breaking the hold himself, Hernandez rammed Kerry head-first into the top turnbuckle.
  • Upon giving Kerry a cross-corner whip, Hernandez missed a high knee.
  • Kerry applied his own figure-four, but Hernandez immediately grabbed the ropes.
  • Kevin tagged in, splashed Hernandez, and got a 2 count.
  • After a slam, Kevin hit another splash for 1.
  • Hernandez quickly tagged out.
  • Kevin then applied the Iron claw to Adams, but an eye rake broke the hold.
  • After a slam, Kevin missed an elbow drop.
  • Adams tried to tag out, but Hernandez refused the tag.
  • Kevin then hooked an inside cradle for 1-2-NO!
  • Adams then tossed Kevin over the top rope for the disqualification.
  • The Dynamic Duo retained their titles.

Rating: ****

Summary: Great match with a crappy finish.

After the match, Adams questions Hernandez for not tagging him then slaps his partner. Are the Dynamic Duo breaking up?

Match 8: The Great Kabuki & NWA Texas Champion the Grappler (w/ Percy Pringle III) versus Brian Adias & “Iceman” King Parsons


  • Wait a minute! Didn’t Adias have the Texas title back at the Cotton Bowl? Yes, and he lost the title on 12/9 in Fort Worth.
  • Monkey flip by Kabuki to Adias.
  • As Grappler came off the ropes, he applied the brakes before eating a right hand by Parsons.
  • Instead, Adias delivered a dropkick to his back which sent the Grappler into a Parsons head butt.
  • Adias gave the Grappler a cross-corner whip, but the Grappler leaped over the top rope and landed on the apron.
  • Rather than applaud him, Adias brought him in the hard way.
  • After the Grappler missed a clothesline, Parsons chopped him.
  • Another head butt by Parsons sent the Grappler to tag out to Kabuki.
  • After Parsons won a top wristlock battle with Kabuki, Pringle argued about hair pulling.
  • Kabuki countered a side headlock with a side salto.
  • Back elbow by the Grappler was followed by a slam.
  • An elbow drop got 2 for the Grappler while a knee lift earned him a one count.
  • Kabuki tagged in and gave Parsons a thrust kick.
  • After a brief comeback, Parsons made the hot tag to Adias.
  • A dropkick by Adias preceded his nailing the Grappler in the corner.
  • After a cross-corner whip, Adias ate foot on his follow-through.
  • Powerslam by the Grappler got 2.
  • A back drop got 2 for the Grappler.
  • Belly-to-back suplex by Kabuki got 2.
  • Vertical suplex by the Grappler got another 2 count.
  • Adias escaped another powerslam attempt and applied a sleeper.
  • Kabuki nailed him from behind to break the hold.
  • All four men were in the ring as the Grappler loaded his right boot.
  • Before he could kick Parsons, Adias rolled him up for the pin.

Rating: **1/2

Summary: Decent tag match that got the crowd involved.

After the match, Adias gives the Grappler some right hands until Kabuki kicks him in the head. The Grappler then kicks Adias in the midsection with the loaded boot. A chair-wielding Parsons chases the heels from the ring.

Match 9 for the NWA American title: “Ravishing” Rick Rude (champion w/ Percy Pringle III) versus Lance Von Erich


  • With the champion and his manager already in the ring, Lance Von Erich came to the ring to John Cougar’s “Hurts So Good.”
  • After a leap frog, Lance gave Rude a hip toss.
  • An arm drag by Lance sent Rude scurrying outside the ring to regroup.
  • After giving Lance a cross-corner whip, Rude charged but stopped before hitting the turnbuckle.
  • He then succumbed to another arm drag.
  • After Rude missed a clothesline, both men went down to a double clothesline.
  • Rude missed a dropkick.
  • After giving Rude a back drop, Lance delivered a hip toss and a dropkick for 2.
  • Slam off the ropes got 1 for Lance.
  • After referee David Manning took an errant shot from Rude, Lance received a cross-corner whip and got nailed by Pringle’s cane in the process.
  • Manning called for the bell.
  • Lance won by DQ, and Rude retained his title.

Rating: **1/2

Summary: Not the greatest match for either man as Lance’s “fiery” comebacks were lukewarm at best.

After the match, Lance gives Rude an atomic drop followed by a dropkick.

When we return from a commercial break, Mercer interviews Sunshine about the Missing Link. She vows that the Missing Link will not be mistreated again.

Match 10 (mixed tag): “Hollywood” John Tatum & Missy Hyatt versus “Cowboy” Scott Casey & Sunshine


  • Missy was wearing a skin-tight leotard. Ahem. Pardon me while I catch my breath.
  • Tatum came off the ropes, put on the brakes, and began to strut.
  • Casey took exception and delivered a dropkick.
  • Back elbow by Tatum got 2.
  • After a slam, Tatum mounted the top turnbuckle, got caught, and came down the hard way.
  • Hot tag to Sunshine.
  • Before the catfight broke out, Tatum halted a charging Sunshine with a football tackle. How dastardly!
  • Missy then threw lefts and rights at Sunshine while the latter blocked most of them.
  • Sunshine then tagged Casey again.
  • As he applied a full nelson, Tatum brought Casey to his corner for Missy to slap him, but Missy couldn’t reach him.
  • Casey reversed the hold and brought Tatum to his corner. Needless to say, but Sunshine walloped Tatum.
  • Missy came in and mistakenly slapped Tatum.
  • Casey delivered the final slap.
  • Tatum tried to leave, but Missy convinced him otherwise.
  • Back in the ring, a knee to Tatum’s shoulder earned Casey a 2 count.
  • A splash by Casey hit knees though.
  • After a leap frog, Casey tagged Sunshine back in.
  • She grabbed Missy by the hair and threw her around the ring.
  • After a brief assault, Missy headed for cover with Tatum outside the ring.
  • She returned to the ring and immediately tagged Tatum.
  • Despite the tag, referee Rick Hazzard couldn’t keep the women away from one another.
  • As Tatum pounded on Casey in the corner, Sunshine came over to put a stop to it.
  • After receiving an atomic drop, Tatum reversed a cross-corner whip but ate boot on his follow-through.
  • Upon reversing an Irish whip, Tatum delivered a powerslam for 2.
  • Casey reversed an Irish whip and applied the abdominal stretch.
  • Casey was too close in proximity to Missy’s corner, so she grabbed him by the hair.
  • All four combatants were in the ring.
  • As Sunshine took Missy down, Tatum hit powerslam #2.
  • He mounted the top turnbuckle again, but Sunshine shook the ropes sending Tatum hard down to the mat.
  • Casey covered him for the pin.

Rating: ***

Summary: While the men put up a good fight, it was the battle of the women that everyone wanted to see. Perhaps on another day, Sunshine can truly get her mitts on Missy.

After the match, Missy cries and throws a tantrum. Aw.

Match 11: The Fabulous Freebirds versus Kerry, Kevin, and Lance Von Erich


  • A vociferous crowd yelled “Go home, Freebirds!”
  • Sunset flip by Lance got 2 on Gordy.
  • After reversing an Irish whip, Kerry ducked. Along the same line, Hayes missed as Kerry moved out of the way.
  • Upon slamming Hayes, Kerry got 2.
  • Hayes blocked a discus punch and nailed Kerry with a left knocking him to the concrete floor.
  • Kerry returned to the ring and landed a discus punch that sent Hayes over the top rope down to the concrete floor.
  • Hayes blocked the Iron claw and nailed Kerry with another left.
  • Gordy delivered a clothesline causing a 120° sell by Kerry.
  • After another clip, as Roberts distracted referee David Manning, Hayes beat up Lance.
  • Upon giving Lance a backbreaker, Roberts went to the corner.
  • In the meantime, Lance flipped over and tagged in Kevin.
  • All six men were in the ring.
  • Roberts stepped onto the second rope with Kevin in hand; however, a right hand by Kevin tied Roberts upside-down in the ropes.
  • Kerry applied the Iron claw to Gordy.
  • As Lance held Hayes, Kevin hit a flying body press but hit Lance.
  • Gordy applied the Oriental Asian spike to Kevin.
  • Kerry received a double clothesline upon getting triple-teamed.
  • Lance received the same treatment.
  • After ramming Gordy and Roberts’ heads together, Kevin hooked an inside cradle and pinned Hayes.

Rating: **1/2

Summary:  The Freebird-Von Erich feud stayed red-hot. It kept the crowd either on their feet or on the edge of their seat every time.

Conclusion:  While I wouldn’t call it a spectacular event, it had its moments. Obviously, the highlight for me was the mixed tag match. 1986 would be a landmark year for WCCW. In February, they withdrew from the NWA becoming the World Class Wrestling Association. In the process, American champion “Ravishing” Rick Rude became World champion overnight. The next WCWA show on my schedule will be the Parade of Champions from May ’86, so it’ll be a while before we see our heroes from Dallas again.

See you for WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event IV!

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