’85-’87 WWF

Matches we never got in WWF ’85-’87

I could be wrong on some on these, but I’ve looked forever online on some matches I’d love to see, but WWF apparently never supplied. Hogan v Jake Roberts? I know an angle was shot, & I see seconds of highlights of a phantom houses match in like Rhode Island or something. Hogan v Roberts ’86 would have kicked ass.

At any point a Steamboat v Hitman match, pre "Dragon" gimmick? I also remember, I think the Steamer, said Wrestlemania II was supposed to be Steamboat v Hart. Good shit.

Randy Savage v Paul Orndorff during any one of Wonderful’s face runs in ’85 or ’86? Two intense cats, who played heel or face seamlessly.

And one outside the timeline here, that I heard happened at a house show, was the British Bulldogs v Brain Busters? WWF’s finest v NWA’ finest.

Any of these available, any backstories on any of these on whether they came close to happening, or why they didn’t?
Thanks much, BoD#1

​Hogan v. Jake absolutely did happen, in Providence as you noted. They had a match in December 86 where Hogan won by countout according to cagematch.net, and then a rematch in January where Hogan beat him outright. And the fans were apparently so behind Jake that they pulled the plug on the program completely. And Jake turned babyface right after that.

Steamboat v. Hart happened a bunch of times on the house show circuit in 86, most notably getting put onto a Coliseum video, and it was a hell of a match.

Orndorff v. Savage happened one time, in an IC title match in Philly in 86. They also had a match in 85 early into Savage’s WWF run. I can’t remember if I did ​the Philly show on WWE 24/7, but it was a televised one at any rate so there’s proof.

Bulldogs v. Busters didn’t happen. Their only interaction listed on cagematch is Survivor Series 88, and the Bulldogs were gone right after that anyway.