Survivor Series

Considering that Bray Wyatt loses practically every feud he’s in and already lost to the Undertaker, is the Wyatt Family really the right choice to be headlining Survivor Series?  Why not have Seth Rollins take a few up and coming heels under his wing to try and build him back up after months of jobbing to Cena?  Or establish Sheamus, Rusev, and Barrett as the European Union (along with… Oh, let’s say Moe) and have them take out Taker? 

The Wyatts just don’t seem like a very credible threat to the guy who already beat their leader and is the greatest challenge of the most unbeatable guy in the company, Brock Lesnar.

I think it’s the usual WWE disconnect where they see someone like Wyatt as a much bigger deal than they really are.  And maybe Undertaker really likes him and wants to work with him, who knows?