Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Hope everyone had a nice fall weekend with friends and/or family. Looks like some of you caught the PPV last night and it appeared to be the epitome of a “one-match” show, which shouldn’t be the case these days given the roster. I did like the one match the show was built around and Alberto Del Rio was a nice surprise I suppose, but the rest fell flat.

And that’s what the WWE is right now…it’s flat and it’s going to take time to get things rolling again. Luckily the alternatives of NXT and Lucha Underground (finally got El Rey on my network!) help me get my fix of good stuff.

With that on TV tonight.


Monday Night Football: Ravens-Cardinals

New Episodes Of: Dancing With the Stars, Gotham, Big Bang Theory, Fargo, The Voice, Supergirl (Series Premier), Jane the Virgin, Minority Report, NCIS: Los Angeles and Blindspot.

Three hockey games tonight.

Keep it clean!