Vince meddling in NXT

I know that NXT is equally as much about teaching Triple H to run a promotion as it is getting new talent ready, and because of that, he has been given carte blanch to run the entire thing as he sees fit.
With that being said, with the perception of WWE approaching early-90s level lows and with NXT at an all-time high with no signs of slowing down, how much longer do you think Vince will let his ego take a beating before he starts meddling in the affairs of NXT?

Even non-wrestling sites are acknowledging how fresh and exciting NXT is compared to Raw (for example, Deadspin just posted an article today saying that "NXT is lapping WWE" at this point). Vince doesn’t seem like the type of person to take public criticism like that lying down, so what does he do? Sabotage NXT? Take over final decision making himself to take the credit? Or will he actually ignore it and continue to let Triple H put out a product right under his nose than is almost universally acknowledged as better than his own?

​I think he’ll leave it alone. This isn’t like a WCW situation where he’s managing outside assets, it’s his son-in-law running a company in preparation to take over WWE for himself. ​NXT isn’t making money or in a position to ever make money, so there’s little reason for him to meddle. Now, he could straight up raid all the talent, but that’s why you keep making new ones anyway.