Breaking News Again

> I landed in LA about 2 hours ago. It was a fairly empty flight, but one Bryan Danielson happened to be sitting a few seats in front of me. Yada Yada Yada, I feigned ignorance as to whom he was, chatted him up. I lied and said I was a neurologist and he told me that he had actually just been cleared from a concussion and was going back to work tomorrow. He didn’t tell me what he did, so it’s not as if he confirmed it, but it doesn’t take rocket appliance to put two and two together. Do with this info as you wish, worst case Ontario you post this email, I’m wrong, and Bix talks about how dumb you are for the Nth time.

Well its not like I’m not used to it.  Fingers crossed that Bryan answers the challenge tomorrow!  But I’d still bet on Brawny Strongman.