Dungeon of Doom DVD When?

Given the material the WWE is using for theme sets, plus Hogan being one of their top draws for nostalgia related shit, why have they not put together a Dungeon of Doom DVD, covering that period from Summer 1994 through Spring 1996?

They could get some serious mileage out of the camp value of the Dungeon of Doom storyline, The Giant/Big Show’s debut, how they weaved Flair/Sting into the storyline with their epic 1995 feud, the rise of Nitro, the bullshit with Brutus the Barber Beefcake and how WCW were handcuffed by trademark issues using him as a central figure in reliving 1984-1988. Hell, they could get Bischoff and Sullivan and company to go into graphic detail about HOW they pulled off the time warp aspect of the Dungeon of Doom and how in a way, it was an early example of the sort of nostalgia driven shit the WWE does to pop a rating now and then.

And the kicker can be the WWE getting Hogan to open up about how badly his WCW run spiraled out of control with fans turning on him and discuss, in detail, how he came to the decision to do the heel turn once the NWO came onto the scene.

​I’m pretty sure that any endeavor that requires Hogan to tell the truth about something is doomed to failure. This wouldn’t be a bad idea for a WWE Network special, though. As long as they can talk about how DX changed the Monday Night Wars with a tank. ​