HHH and Rikishi Driveby 2000

Hey Scott,

Back in 99-2000, when HHH masterminded the Rikishi hit and run on Austin, was there ever any thought to just having HHH be the guy who ran down Austin?

I know that Foley was supposed to be the driver but nixed the heel turn but why then sacrifice a monster babyface like Rikishi? Was the original plan to have Austin and Rikishi feud ’til WM and have HHH, what, feud with the Radicals all day, everyday? If Austin and HHH were always going to feud, why not just have HHH be the guy instead of the guy behind the guy?

​I believe there was a hand-wave about HHH being somewhere else in the building at the time, so he couldn’t be. That being said, it was a reasonably solid idea to have a second person be the driver, because you set up two feuds for the price of one (Rock/Rikishi and Austin/HHH). But yeah, Rikishi as a heel was just such a bad idea and killed him off as a character. ​