Three questions

Let’s cut to the chase.

1. Why is it that we still talk about WCW to this day? Was it more because what was good about them was REALLY good, or because their failure was that spectacular(and moreso than TNA, because at least WCW was on top for a while)?

2. What previous era, WWF or WCW, does modern day WWE remind you of?

3. What do you think made Vince go into his current "I don’t give a shit about what you fans think" mode? The backlash against Batista, the backlash against Reigns(I’m noticing a trend) or something else?

​1. I was a fan of WCW for many years, dating back to the JCP days. Ironically it was the point when they exploded in popularity that I really lost my connection to them. Many people my age are the same way, or else many others were disenchanted Attitude Era babies who ​became fans during the peak of WCW. There is a huge, HUGE, audience of people who just went away when WCW died and they’re still out there waiting for an alternative to WWE.

2. Creatively, it reminds me a lot of late-era WCW, with a lot of flailing around in the storylines and plot threads that get dropped after a couple of weeks. Plus, like WCW, they’re coasting on the past and trying to get new people over as stars and failing miserably at it. WCW used celebrities to prop up their ratings, and WWE uses their retired ex-stars.

3. I think he took the Batista backlash really personally, but more of it seems to stem from the way Toronto got under his skin and put them into hyper-defensive mode.