Sid as WWE Champion in 96


Obviously Sid beating Shawn for the WWF title was setting up the rematch in Shawn Michaels hometown for Royal Rumble 97, however was Vince at all looking at Sid as a long term champion once he got the belt?

Shawn did not exactly set the world on fire during his initial run as champion, and it could be argued Sid was more over than anyone on the roster in the fall of 96.

I understand not getting behind Sid for long periods of time because of his reputation for skipping out on companies, but was there internal thinking at all that Sid could at least get them from Survivor Series until Mania or Summerslam the next year as champion?

​NO. Can you imagine the fit that Shawn would have pitched? It was planned for Shawn to get that title back in San Antonio all the way back in July, whether it was Vader or Sid, and no one was going to put faith in Sid to last past softball season anyway. ​