6 Man Tag Titles

What was the deal with the 6 man tag titles? Were these titles ever taken seriously? I can’t decide how I feel about this on if it works or not. I actually dig the "Freebird Rule" a lot though. Could this concept work today, where & why did this idea come from, and what was the best combination ever to hold the belts?

I can’t imagine a world where we have world tag team titles, U.S. tag team titles & 6 man tag team titles, Vince would collapse, his mind blown.

​What’s the deal with them? They were a title to be defended in six-man matches. It’s a long-time tradition in Mexico. They were taken as seriously as the people holding them, so when the Road Warriors had them it was a big deal and when the awesome trio of Big Josh, Tommy Rich and Ricky Morton held them it was not so much of a big deal. It has nothing to do with the Freebird Rule, which is where any combination of three people can defend the regular tag team titles. ​