Worst WWE marketing ever?

From an email I just got to rejoin the WWE Network

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.34.06 PM

Call me crazy, but shouldn’t Kane be more concerned with being WORLD CHAMPION than Director of Operations? We always talk about Vince, Steph & Hunter being out of touch but, holy crap, who cares about a Director of Operations? I don’t care who is my company’s Director of Operations, much less, the WWE’s. 

I haven’t watched Raw since before SummerSlam and this e-mail assures me I’ve made the right decision. Yikes. 


And the job is so important that Kane wasn’t even on RAW last night. I feel like they literally have no idea where they’re going at this point and they’re just pitching ideas like it’s Melrose Place or something. Kane gets a split personality and one of them is evil and challenges for the World title! Bray Wyatt is trying to keep Roman Reigns from ever getting a title shot for reasons we’ll explain months later! Lana and Rusev are maybe split up and Ziggler is maybe banging both Lana and Summer Rae, I think?

I’ll have more on this tonight when I do the PPV preview on the Sporting News.