Raven in WWF around 2000

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Any truth to the rumour that Jim Ross essentially signed him via stealth? So much so that when Vince saw him at TV he exclaimed "Who the fuck hired Raven?!?!"

It was obvious they had no real plans for him until he got over by force of will with that Hardcore Title Run

Oh, and why did Chewbacca miss work for a week? Because he was getting a haircut!

Mmmmmmmmmmm, FUNNEEEEE JOKE!!!

​Well, you’ve got the SPIRIT of the annoying Arin Yoda humor, but you need to go with more of a pun-based version to really nail it.

And yeah, Raven was signed behind Vince’s back, supposedly because he used to party with Shane and was an extreme bad influence on him. Really, Raven should have at the very least been a booking team member at the end of his run, but he was just so messed up that no one could trust him. Hell, even today he could probably help get the product out of the dumpster it’s stuck in. ​