There’s always talk about wrestlers getting buried. It appears that Ru Ru is about to get some dirt shoveled on him here soon enough.

I’ll get to the point. Who would you say is legit buried right now?

Also, what would be some of your all time biggest burials?

Cesaro and Barrett. Six feet under with no hope of getting out.

​The thing is that usually instead of burying a guy, they would just fire him and he’d go to WCW or something. It’s a bizarre side-effect of the modern era that we’re getting this large group of people stuck in curtain-jerker hell because they’re still getting paid and there’s nowhere else to go. However, I do have a few classic examples:​

– Adrian Adonis gets fat, is punished by having his gimmick changed to effeminate weirdo.

– Dusty Rhodes comes in, gets punished for being Dusty by having his gimmick changed to polka-dot-wearing weirdo, GETS OVER ANYWAY. But still, the attempt was there.

– The Curtain Call and Hunter’s punishment, obviously.

– Zack Ryder in 2012 is the all-time classic, of course, where he dares to get over on the internet and is suddenly booked to look like a coward who loses his love interest and then gets tombstoned multiple times back into jobber-dom.

– JTG, who dared to flash a hand sign vaguely resembling that of Shawn Michaels and I don’t think ever won another match. We did get a hilarious book out of it, though.

– Vader in 1998, specifically the King of the Ring match.

There are many, many others.