Sting In WWE Scenarios

Hey Scott, I was recently watching the new Sting DVD, and in it he mentions that he had a serious conversation with Vince early in his WCW career about jumping to the WWE. This got me to thinking about different scenarios of Sting going to the WWE, and I was wondering what you thought the optimum time for Sting to jump to the WWE was between his first world title win at the Great American Bash in 1990 and the first Nitro in 1995? I’m thinking maybe sometime in 1992 to set up a program with Flair during Flair’s second WWE title reign, so that Sting would win the title and get the spot that eventually went to Bret Hart. I think from just a marketability standpoint Sting would have been a better choice than Hart for champion, and certainly would’ve put a whole different spin on the New Generation era. Just wondering what you thought, thanks.

​Put him on the USS Intrepid as the guy to slam Yokozuna and make him the star-spangled challenger for the summer. Boom, that’s the Lex Express that WORKS. ​