NwA/WWF 89-90 Tidbits Herb Kunz

WWF/NwA ’89-’90

Okay somehow I stumbled upon this archive from a fellow named Herb Kunz, referencing all kinds of backstage WWF & NwA stuff, of which the majority was very accurate. However some of it not, still interesting though regardless. I’m wondering if you ever heard of any of the following & how close any of it came to happening in ’89-’90?

Wrestlemania 6…..Vince considered turning Warrior heel leading to the PPV, Henning was considered to be champ going into the PPV with Hogan regaining, Harts were to join up with Heenan at the PPV & be renamed Pink & Black Attack

WWF…..Rude & Martel tag team, No Holds Barred 2, Dusty v Perfect feud, Tugboat was to be Bronto a caveman & would carry a club, Crush as the 3rd Demo was to be BA(Bad Attitude) as 3 Demolition members would feud with 3 Hart Foundation members including Owen

NwA……Skyscrapers jump to WWF, Savage & Liz jump to NwA, Vince considers buying out JCP, Bigelow v Luger feud for Heavyweight Title, Zbyszko AwA champ v Flair NwA champ, John Studd jumps to NwA to feud with El Gigante, Eaton a Horseman

So some crazy/cool stuff? Idk seems like it might get some discussion. Any input would be great thanks.

​Wait, why the lower-case "w" in NWA all the time?

Anyway, Herb’s tidbits were mostly culled from the Observer at the time, and they had even wackier rumors a lot of time as well. Some of the above really was based in truth, though. BA was the original name for Crush when he was doing the house shows before debuting, but it stood for "Bryan Adams" obviously. The Harts were indeed supposed to be turning heel in 1990 around WM6, but they ended up going with Demolition as the top babyface team for longer than planned. ​I’m pretty sure Bobby Eaton as a Horseman was discussed at the time as well. But yeah, Herb was a cool guy and now he’s a pretty esteemed math professor.