King Kong Bundy return in 94


Would you consider the King Kong Bundy return to the WWF in 94 one of the biggest flops of that time period in terms of a "big name" return to the company.

Bundy seemed to have no motivation and was gone within a year. Outside of the horrible match with Undertaker at Wrestlemania 11, nothing at all even stands out of that run.

What was the reasoning for Vince bringing him back at all at that point?

​Yeah, the Bundy return was a bit of a trainwreck, in that Vince wanted a big name star again and thought Bundy was going to go all the way to World champion or some nonsense like that. And Bundy started refusing to do jobs and sell for guys because he didn’t need the money. I’m just shocked WCW never brought him in as a Hogan monster.

A fun story we’ve gone over before about the Bundy-Undertaker match at WM, though: The original match was actually Undertaker v. a heel Razor Ramon, and vignettes had already been shot with Razor throwing him into an open grave. That might have been the boost Razor needed to hit the main event and re-sign a year later. But Vince pulled the plug on the heel turn​ and gave the slot to Bundy instead.