The Annual Triple H Redemption Roadshow

In recent years we’ve seen Triple H spearhead the Hall of Fame returns of Bruno and Warrior. Before that, Bret Hart and Wendi Richter had the olive branch extended to them. Last year we got Medusa and Randy Savage (though the latter still feels it was done though gritted teeth!)

Now that hell freezing over has become bit of an annual tradition in WWE who is left that could legit be in the Hall of Fame but needs WWE to do the whole "forgive and forget"?

Chyna? Earl Hebner? Bill Eadie? Rick Rude from beyond the grave?

​I don’t know why Rude isn’t in already. He had no heat with the company when he died and in fact was trying to get back in the ring at the time for a rumored WWF return. There’s nothing to forgive with him.

Demolition is probably a big one where they would have to forgive a lot in order to put them in, just because there’s SO much bad blood between Eadie and the company. And I don’t know that there’s any money in HHH extending that olive branch, so the Demos will probably continue being erased from history.

Chyna isn’t going in and shouldn’t go in anyway.

Hebner, who knows? Meltzer was speculating that they wanted to fire him anyway and came up with the bootlegging story as a cover, but noted that it’s such a SPECIFIC and goofy reasoning that there’s probably something to it. And the ban-hammer has even extended to Brian Hebner, so clearly bridges were burned pretty thoroughly. ​