Jericho Question

Hi Scott

What’s the deal with Chris Jericho these days?

Are the WWE honestly happy with him working only house shows?

Just seems that their use of him is very strange in an age where they are seriously lacking star power – especially considering at 44 he is going to be looking to wrap it all up sooner rather than later.

Surely he would have been a GREAT choice to give Seth Rollins a clean and convincing PPV win? He could also have worked as a heel at any time against Bryan, Reigns or Ambrose.

Any thoughts?

​Hey, Jericho has managed to accumulate enough money where he can tell Vince exactly how he wants to be used and when, so good for him. If he wants to work house shows and put over Braun Strowman, then I’m sure they’re fine with it because it’s better than never having Jericho around. That being said, Jericho’s done very little to protect his own brand at this point in his career, and beating him means very little anymore. Really, if he wants to do this kind of thing, it’s probably more helpful if he did it with the NXT crew because then he could teach while he’s putting guys over. ​